The Lush Cosmetics App

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lush_mobileLush has been working on a new app for convenient obsessive shopping. This new app will host products along with the Lushopedia. The Lushopedia gives in depth detail about all the ingredients used in their natural cosmetics.

This app is specifically geared towards scents. It holds descriptions and images to demonstrate scents in the most visible way possible.

The app isn’t out yet, but is announced to be released soon. It has been in the works for a while and Lush has been asking their customers what they would like out of their new app. As always, the customer pleasing company.

This brings questions to mind like “Can I get push notifications about new products?”

What do you want to know about the app?

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3 Simples Ways to Make the Most out of Lush Cosmetics

Hi Lushies,

I’ve been so busy lately and I haven’t had much money to spend on Lush. But my boyfriend used up all of my Angels on Bare Skin and I needed a new cleanser. He introduced me to this first tip.

1. Keep your Lush in your shower.

It’ll get used way more if it’s easily at your disposal. I bought one of those sponge holders for your kitchen sink from the dollar store and it holds my solid shampoo and my Hot Toddy soap. The shampoo bars get stuck to their tins so this works much better. I also keep my new face scrub in my shower and its so nice to wash with in the morning. Once I get out I have a reason to use my toner and moisturizer and this helps me keep up on my face care routine.

2. Don’t hide your bombs away

I started keeping all of my bath bombs and bubble bars in a pretty open box in my bathroom. Not only does it look pretty but my bathroom always smells of Lush, which I love. No need for expensive air fresheners anymore.

3. Get a sieve

I use a sieve for my bubble bars. Instead of breaking them up under the water and inevitably having pieces fall between your fingers, a sieve easily holds the bubble bar and creates as much bubbles as possible. This way you can use less at a time and mix bubble bars together more easily.

Have you got any tips? Let me know in the comments below.

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My Lush Hair Care Review

Dear Lushies,

I’ve already done a Lush conditioner and shampoo review. Find it here. But today I’ve got some sorry news to say.

In the picture below you can see my solid shampoo bar Lullaby and the solid conditioner, Jungle. I bought them on the same day !IMG_20150416_245302499I have very thick hair and the solid shampoo does wonders, it lathers quickly and cleans very well. The Jungle however, did NOT want to lather. It took me ages to condition my hair, to the point where I would opt to not condition at all. Even if I managed to get any on my hair, it took soooo much of it to soften my hair. I though I’d give a liquid conditioner a try and see what the difference was. Below find American Cream, the latest addition to my shower routine.


American cream smells delicious. It left my hair feeling soft and smelt great for days, once it dried. It even reduced frizziness significantly. However, Lush shampoos do not give you that glossy feeling when you put them in. If you have heavy thick hair like mine, you’ll have to use a lot of it to feel a difference in your hair. IMG_20150416_245129346So when buying Lush shampoo, don’t get the solid one. And if you buy liquid, don’t expect the same silkiness and detangling you get from your regular shampoos.

Tip: Brush out your hair before you get in the shower.

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5 Ways Lush Cosmetics Can Make Betty Draper a Better Mother

Hi lushies,

Betty-DraperIf any of you are keeping up with Mad Men, which is one of my favourite shows of all time, you’ll know that Betty Draper could use as much help as she can get. Whether she was a clueless child herself or a heartless bitch, she’s never had the qualities that make a great caregiver. So, in an effort to be extra creative, I invite you on a journey down Taylor’s train of thought.

Don: Why are the kids watching this?
Betty: What am I supposed to do, Don? Am I supposed to keep it from them?

1. She could use a bath

Let’s be real, this woman his high strung. I bet a bit of Tisty Totsy and some Mother Superior would do this women wonders. If she had a little me time to relax I bet she’d be a little more empathetic to Sally’s needs. I mean, besides shooting some birds, what has she every really done well for her kids.


2. Massaging the warmth back into her heart

Betty is the kind of gal who gets her panties in a knot if they are on for too long. Don could always appease her with a little loving and I bet she’d really appreciate a massage bar, the aroma might calm her nerves and getting a massage from Henry might help her retract her claws. Give her a bit of Each Peach without peach, and see what happens.

3. Lip Scrubbing away her fangs


Betty is like a vampire who likes to suck the joy out of everyones life, and I bet that  those fangs are nasty to her lips. Softer lips could lead to softer words and we know that Sally and Bobby would like that, plus they have popcorn flavour… sooooo.

Don’t you dare lie to me, I’ll cut your fingers off!

4. Keeping her blonde blonde

Aging must be killing this superficial diva, and not only because her racism, sexism and prejudice won’t fly in the new age. So Marilyn hair mask will probably cheer her up a bit too to ensure that her fake blonde stays vibrant.

She’s taken to your tools like a little lesbian.

5. Clearing away her hatred

Maybe clearing her sinuses and inhaling some positivity with some Tea Tree Steamer Tabs will exhale the sass right out of her.

Betty-Draper-Francis-mad-men-season-7-1 copy

Needless to say Betty Draper has some work to do. As for you, I doubt anyone could make you any nicer.

Bobby: She really likes you.
Betty: Yeah, well that blouse says she likes everyone.

Love you lushies

xox Over and Out,


The Lush Employee

Lush loves their employees. If you work at Lush or have checked out their career website before, it’s clear that they appreciate every one of their employees. Writing this post really reinforced my support of Lush and doubly impressed me with how much effort they put into their motto “Happy people making happy soap.” I mentioned in my first post that Lush’s employees are one of their strongest assets and its no wonder, since they’re given all the tools necessary to be amazing.

If you’re interested in finding a job at a Lush near you, check out Careers at LUSH where you can find tuns of employee stories and job postings. Lush was also named one of the the best 50 employers in Canada in 2013. After writing this post, I’m not surprised at all.

11054264_958603394158377_9043367583385608588_nThis week I interviewed Ryan, the manager of my local Lush Store (shoutout to Lush St Laurent in Ottawa, CA.) Even if you aren’t in the market for a job, take a look at what Ryan had to say and feel empowered by your right to vote with your wallet. Not only in purchasing at Lush, but by identifying where the bar is for excellence in corporate responsibility. Lush is the perfect example of what all employers should be doing for their employees and for their costumers.

Q: How long have you worked at Lush St Laurent?

A: 9 years.

Q: What inspired you to start working at Lush?

1609600_874064265945624_5274945650829824478_nA: My boyfriend at the time worked for Lush and brought home a DVD on ethical sourcing, the new charities that they we’re working with, and a bit of an inside look at the company. I have always been very ethically motivated and was inspired by their initiatives.

Q: Are you a strong advocate for the initiatives that Lush supports?

A: Yes, I’m a vegan, and a firm believer in supporting organic and local. I have all my produce delivered to my house and  support local charities like the Fur-Bearer Defenders.  

10174840_795900450428673_6498943852488823689_nQ: Lush donates to many charities, which do you identify with most?

A: Save the rain! I had a chance to take off 12 days of work, thanks to the Employee Volunteer Outing (EVO) program, and go to Tanzania to contribute labour and assistance. Save the rain teaches starved communities to use rain water catchment systems as a clean water source.

Q: What was most impactful to you during this trip?

A: How far the ressources went. Lush donated from their Charity Pot campaign, where 100% of the proceeds go to these different grassroots charities. It costs 395$ to build one rain water system, so it doesn’t take many charity pots to raise enough to give fresh clean drinking water to people in need.


Charitable giving is at the heart of our business, and we believe it’s our responsibility to advocate for the environment, animals and people in need. We’re passionate about giving back to organizations locally and around the world, and we do so through our Charity Pot program, SLush Fund, FUNd and our people.

Q: How does Lush facilitate training for their employees?

A: Managers facilitate a lot of training. We also have a team member designated as training liaison. We try to offer training on new products, customer care and Lush initiatives, in a fun way.

There’s also a traveling trainer that comes to the region and trains both Ottawa stores together.

11024650_954678241217559_3227992840601118593_nManagers have a meeting three times a year in various locations across the country. I’ve been down to the Vancouver factory and made products with them.

Lush encourages us to do our own learning as well. If something interests us we have the Lushopedia at our disposal, just like the customers, to read up on ingredients etc. We try to hire people with a natural curiosity for things too.

Q: Whats your favourite part of working in the Lush Store?

A: I love working with other people and leading teams. Lush gives a lot of Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 8.45.36 PMflexibility about how our stores are operated and I feel I have some freedom to decide how to lead my team. We have a skeleton of what the system should be but I feel empowered to grow my store and help it succeed.

Q: What does your store do differently?

A: We are strong supporters of the companies ethics and we like talking to our customers about the issues. I feel that education is paramount and that the store gives us the opportunity to talk about environmental stewardship and how individuals can drive business.

I also like to help my employees find the right work and life balance, that their job allows them to do what they want and live by the stores mottos.

“We believe in happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud.”

10443437_951235008228549_1166998139183682535_nQ: Since working at Lush have your views changed on anything?

A: I’ve learned a lot about the idea of responsible consumerism and how deep you have to go ensure that you’re doing what you believe in. Lush goes beyond just the simple statement of “not testing on animals” We don’t buy from suppliers who test on animals, we don’t test our ingredients on animals and we advocate for animal rights. It takes more then just one layer.

Working at lush has taught me to be inquisitive, do my research and always dig a little deeper

Q: How do you feel about the huge following that Lush Cosmetics has gained?

A: Amazing! People are interested in a business that’s doing great things.

If you can captures peoples attention in a way that allows you to have a conversation about issues and teach them something they didn’t know before, it’s a success.

We make great products because we want to change the way people view cosmetics and the industry. We use this platform to get peoples attention and have a important conversations and that is what respons10984052_937779406240776_1580087900730920217_nible consumerism is all about.

Q: What is your favourite Lush product?

A: Aromaco, which is a deodorant. We believe that the body is suppose to sweat , the deodorants we make helps minimize odor and keeps you happy and soft.

Q: Shopping at Lush for the first time can be a little intimidating. What would you say to someone who’s shopping at Lush for the first time?

A: I’d say to keep an open mind, pick three things and give them a chance. I like to tell everyone to try something new each time they come in.

Q: What is your favourite Lush signature fragrance?

A: It would be Dear Jon but it’s not offered in Canada. My first draw to Lush was Karma hand and body lotion, which is the first thing I ever bought, but now I’d say anything with Patchouli in it: Aromaco has it and so does Blue Skies Bubble Bar.

Q: Finally, what do you think makes Lush so different from other companies?

A: We’re honest with our customers. It’s something we’re super focused on and proud of.

Special thanks to Ryan and everyone at Lush St Laurent who are very supportive of my blog.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask Ryan, comment bellow.

Over and Out,


The Lush Mothers Day Collection

Dear Lushies,

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!

My last bath was luxurious. I used two bubble bars, a melt and two bombs. If you’ve got a large Lush collection and feel like mixing things up, I suggest you do it.

IMG_20150324_223424From left to right: Floating Island bath melt, Luverly Bath bomb (from the Kitchen), Rose Bombshell bath bomb, Mother Superior bubble bar and Unicorn Horn bubble bar.

I have to say that I looovvvee the Mothers day scents. They all smell comforting and sweet, just like a mothers love.  This collection is very floral, although the flower scent varies by product, all the bath products I’ve used so far included orange fragrance.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.20.08 PM

I’ve tried three of the mothers day bath product so far: Mother superior bath bomb, Rose Bombshell bath bomb, and Secret Garden bath bomb. This collection will be in North American stores soon, if it isn’t already, but I bought mine a long time ago when UK mothers day was happening in February and early March.

I’ve already reviewed Mother Superior, for a little recap the smell is one of my favourite Lush scents so far. It includes jasmine, ylang ylang and orange blossom. Read more about it by clicking on the link above.

Rose Bombshell was a great addition to my luxury bath. It fizzes on the surface and creates bubbles, then explodes pink and rose pedals in the middle. The smell is very soft and sweet and relaxing. Unlike Rose Queen that has a bite to it thanks to the Cistus oil , “Soy milk powder creates creamy, skin-softening waters, and the original fragrance of rose oil, rosewood and orange flower absolute carries your troubles far, far away.”

I loved the rose pedals although soft smells like this tend to get lost in the water, so it was a little too subtle. It’s insides turned the bath pink and I especially liked the addition of bubbles on the surface which turned swirls of white and pink when the centre exploded.

Secret garden smells just as nice as mother superior and leaves your tub all green! It has flower pedals inside as well but I found them annoying because they were thin and stuck all over my tub. I don’t think the pedals were totally necessary because the smell and feel of this bomb was enough for me.

This took ages to fizzle out and had a yellow explosion on the inside. I was totally surprised, even though I had seen it on Instagram more then once, I somehow missed it. The smell of this combined with Mother Superior left me floating on a cloud of relaxed.

All in all, I give the Mothers day collection two thumbs up. I am looking forward to buying the soap called Love You Mom which has jasmine and mimosa absolute. I’m running low on my Hot Toddy soap and in the market for a new one. I also want to try the Rose bubble bar which has cocoa butter in it, awesome, and a lemon rose scent.

The mothers day line is way more up my alley and I have to say I’ve been disappointed with the Easter collection. If you haven’t had a chance to read my Easter Collection review, have a look. I made a few edits to it since it was published because I’d mussed over the experience a bit and felt that my love for Lush had stood in the way of an honest review. It’s sad because I was so exited for the easter line. Each line tends to have some really killer items and some not so good ones, but the Easter line was fairly boring all around. Although I still have Hoppity Poppity to try, so I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy Easter to you all!

Over and Out,


A none Lush post!

Dear Lushies,

I know its strange that I’m not talking about Lush today, but I had an amazing experience that I wanted to share with all of you. I’m currently studying public relations at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and I think that a lot of you will appreciate this post because I’ll be going into detail about the field and what I’ve been doing. Blogging is, in itself, an aspect of public relations and I know many bloggers might be interested to know how they can make a thriving career out of what they are doing.

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