6 Reasons why Lush Cosmetics Rock

I’m a believer! I want to yell it from rooftops and run through the streets sharing the word of Lush bubble baths. Heck, I might even take it up door to door.

Their displays intentionally look like a selection of produce at the grocery store.
Their displays intentionally look like a selection of produce at the grocery store.

If you’re not a believer, I don’t blame you. The overwhelming scents when you walk in the door and the products that look like your 4-year-old niece made them from play dough can be a little off-putting. So how come some of us have pushed past the urge to leave and never look back?

I watched a Ted talk recently about the sociology of consumers. It explained that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it (Find that link bellow). This is why some products are great quality but they just can’t seem to reach a tipping point in their sales.  Lush’s products are of excellent quality but the thing that really makes you buy them in the first place is the overwhelming sense of purpose the store has. It bleeds into every aspect of them, even into their consumers.

The first time I actually purchased a Lush product was on a desperate journey to find something that smelled of Jasmine. School can be overwhelming and you find yourself on a never-ending mission to relax. None of the staple bath shops had any so I arrived in Lush ready to be let down.

6. Their employees.Surprisingly, the employee was so helpful. She immediately started picking things up to show me, explaining how each product worked, asking me about my preferences and my needs. In the mean time, the other girl started giving me a hand massage, trying samples out on me, and I even got a little blurb about their ethics, their social media and how they invented the bath bomb.

Face masks are refrigerated because they don't have any preservatives in them.
Face masks are refrigerated because they don’t have any preservatives in them.

Lush believe in happy customers and happy employees and they want their products to bring people together. Every single time I’ve been there the employees have been smiling, eager to help me and so knowledgable. They encourage their employees, or anyone, to come down to their warehouse in Toronto to help make products by hand. They educate and train their employees so well, because we all know it sucks to be asked questions you can’t answer. They love the products too and it’s obvious when they’re selling it to you.


Their social media.

Lush doesn’t do any formal advertising. I love content analysis so if they did have ads I’d be all over it, but some people don’t like things being shoved down their throat. It’s really an incredible thing, that so many people are into Lush without them having made any real calls to actions. However, you can bet they’re on twitter.They listen to their customers because they bleed caring. Lush has its heart on its sleeve, it wants to know what you love, if you love and what you don’t love. Twitter isn’t all they practice either, they’ve got facebook, tumblr, pinterest and instagram; propagating the word of mouth from its own loving customers.

4. The quality. I’m not a tree huger. Don’t get me wrong, I love animals, I encourage many of the campaigns that Lush participates in, but at the end of the day, if my body wash is organic or not, isn’t really that big of an ethical concern for me. However, I love that Lush products are organic with little, to no, preservatives because it makes them work so much better! For some people, their morals can definitely be a selling factor, but honestly, if a product doesn’t work well, who really cares if it’s protecting the rainforest. Every single product I’ve purchased from Lush has either been incredibly relaxing or worked wonders on my skin. I swear by their face masks.

These massage bars are solid moisturizer because it requires less packaging.
These massage bars are solid moisturizer because it requires less packaging.

3. They’re so original. Lush pays their employees a decent wage to make all their products by hand. They like to make things solid because it causes less packaging and they’re inventing new products all the time. They even put little stickers on each product to show you who made it, when it was made and when it expires. The layout of their stores, their ethics, and even their products themselves are all something you can’t find anywhere else.

2. Their ethics. They have 700 shops in over 44 countries! Their mind-set is really: if you build it, they will come. They make available incredible useful products that are so healthy, and respect people’s ethical values. Lush is one of those places you can vote for with your wallet. When you buy a bar of soap there, you’re encouraging everything they stand for: happy employees, quality and healthy products, no testing on animals, locally sourced ingredients and all the other campaigns they’re fighting for. This comes back down to why they do it. Would they be so successful without these ethics? Its questionable and certainly wouldn’t leave its customers with such a warm fuzzy feeling inside after a purchase.

Their pots are all recycled and if you bring in 5 empty ones you get your next purchase free.
Their pots are all recycled and if you bring in 5 empty ones you get your next purchase free.

1. SPOIL yourself!There is no other way to put it. The main reason Lush is doing so well is because it is the ultimate spoil! What better way to get people to feel good about spending money than by hitting up their moral compass and selfish desires. It’s more than likely that a girl has more than enough hand cream, bubble bath, lip stick or soap at home. The great thing about Lush is that buying it won’t make you feel guilty, it’ll make you feel like a hero. Voting with your wallet turns spending frivolously into encouraging a good cause. Even if you don’t really know or care about that cause, you’re headed home for an amazing bath, or face mask. The best part is that they aren’t even faking it. They make sure to prove it every second because they want a trusting relationship with their consumer base, they want you to come back again and again, share it on your social media, tell all your friends and then go shopping with them.

It’s just good pr! Lets take a step back from the bubble bath and really look from a bird’s eye view. They’re plan is to sell quality healthy products without harming anyone or anything. They make sure it’s obvious and written all over the store because they want you to feel like you’re doing a good thing by buying their products, which you absolutely are. Lush really picked a great angle, in a market that has so much variety and option, they’ve really made a name for themselves.

I strongly suggest heading into one of their stores to discover it for yourself.


Check out my next post on my Christmas Haul, coming on Sunday!

Here’s that Ted talk:


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