The Christmas Haul – All I Want For Christmas is Golden Wonder

Dear Lushies,

When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas … well all I ended up getting was a 20$ gift card. But thats okay, because on boxing day, I was up early! Not an easy thing for me to do, seeing as I like to sleep till noon.

I rushed to the my local Lush Cosmetics and drowned myself in their ONLY SALE OF THE YEAR!

From left to right, One Angels on bare skin face cleanser, two celebrate hand and body lotions, one golden wonder bath bomb, one sakura bath bomb, one angels bath melt, one mango bath melt, one yellow fun, one sex bomb bath bomb and one hot toddy soap

On boxing day they have two for one gift boxes, and I got two for one! I didn’t stick to their holiday stock because … why the heck not! As for their holiday line up, I am in LOVE with golden wonder! I can’t sing its praises high enough! I’d bought two over the season and it was wonderful both times. Firstly, on its own and secondly with the valentines day unicorn horn.


Once the shiny wrapping has melted the gift on the inside turns your bath a beautiful silky turquoise or aqua, depending on the batch. Golden glimmer floats through your tub and the cream of tartar makes the water so soft!


Unlike Twilight, which is their regular stock bomb with similar features (i.e. different colour on the inside and cream of tartar) it fixes quickly and the water is much softer.

I hope that we find it in next years christmas collection!

I also got two pots of Celebrate hand lotion and the smell is great. Rich and Christmasy, and the texture is so soothing. All around, no complaints. The Hot Toddy soap is very moisturizing but I didn’t find it lathers very much and the bath melt wasn’t much to be honest, I can barely remember what it felt like. I did buy the Christmas Eve bubble bar on my first trip to Lush and it had a lovely jasmine smell! Christmas was great for warm, cozy smells.

As for the other Christmas stock, unfortunately, I didn’t get much of it. I am looking forward to next Christmas to let you guys know whats best. I wish I could have gotten the father Christmas bath bomb, dashing santa, cinder bath bomb, starry night bath bomb…  candy mountain bubble bar, penguin bubble bar and hedgehog bubble bar.  I herd the snow fairy shower gel was great too. There was so much that I missed! Christmas can’t come early enough!

Tell me about your Golden wonder experiences and your favourite christmas product in the comments bellow.

Over and Out,


Check out my next post coming Thursday about the lavender lush!


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