A Tribute to the Unicorn Horn

Dear Lushies,

Can I hear an AMEN!!!!

I can not tell you how much I loved the Valentines stock! It’s come and gone, and in it’s time I bought 4 unicorn horns! I’ve also mixed it with other products and made some incredible cocktails.

Roma water, to replace the one i’d thrown out, love lettuce face mask, french kiss bubble bar, jungle solid conditionner, titsy totsy bath bomb, three unicorn horn bubble bars, big blue bath bomb, twilight bath bomb, and finally rose queen bath bomb

In fact, my boyfriend learned from his mistake at Christmas and got me a $50 gift card this time, not to mention that I’d gone a few days before hand and bought myself a few treats.

The unicorn horn will change the colour of the water, mostly at the surface where the bubbles are. Depending on which part of it you use, the colour will change (i.e. if you use the yellow part, you’ll get yellow water) Although the purple stands out the most.


I’ve mixed this bubble bar with so many different things! The sweet natural lavender smell is my favourite of all the bubble bars. The golden glimmer adds a nice sparkle to the water and the bubbles are so frapping soft!

You know, when you run your hand where the water ends and the bubbles begin … well its euphoric and if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!

So far, I’ve mixed this bubble bar with french kiss bubble bar which was so nice! The rosemary seems over powering in the bar itself but they made such a lovely mix. If you don’t believe in aromatherapy yet, give it a try.

I also used titsy totsy with unicorn horn on my valentines day bath. Tisty Totsy has some nice water softeners in it, and I’m a sucker for a silky bath water, if you haven’t guessed yet.I’ve also used it with golden wonder, twilight, and just on its own. Each time I was not disappointed.cropped-img_20150218_211005.jpg

I’ve gotten 4 uses out of each unicorn horn, seeing as it gets bigger at the bottom, split that last piece into two.

Lush has been responding to it’s customers overwhelming demand for lavender! MORE LAVENDER! we say! MORE! MORE! Good God! PLEASE!IMG_20150218_184833

And have also come out with this new lavender shampoo bar! Which I will be reviewing very soon!

It’s called Lullaby and it has the most natural lavender smell! I can NOT wait to walk around smelling of lavender alllllll day!

When I’m living in New York City working in the Marketing department for Lush I plan on having large lavender bushes growing in my backyard just beneath my bedroom window.

For Valentines day I also got the prince charming body wash, which I’ve put into a bath or two. It smells of pomegranate. And the Kiss lip balm which smells like the shower gel and melts easily, I also like the tint it had, very subtle.

Over and out,


PS: Next week will be a Lush 101 for all those who are just starting out, look out for that on Sunday.

Whats your favourite Lush smell? Chose in the comments below.


7 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Unicorn Horn

  1. Thanks for posting this! My favorite thing from Lush is their Comforter Bar, Bubble Bar. I just placed an order with Lush and got their Space Girl bath bomb and their Bella Fruta giftbox. Unfortunately, I live so far away from Lush (5+ hrs) it’s not even funny 😦


    1. The space girl smells very sweet, if you like comforter, you’ll love space girl ! I’ve seen it in Instagram and its makes the water look so pretty! You’ll love it!
      That’s too bad about living so far. I think it may be time to move lol 🙂


      1. I can’t wait to get it then 🙂 I know 😦 I literally just moved the 1st of January to this house, I moved farther into the woods! If I wanted to live close to anything at all I would have to move at least 4 or 5 hours away 😦 but Upstate NY is so pretty!


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