Lush 101 – The 8 tips you need to know as a beginner

Dear Lushies,

It must be intimidating to people who aren’t as knowledgable and perfect as us, to know what’s in a Lush haul. I figured I’d start with a Lush 101: what you need to know to shop at Lush.

You should know when starting that Lush has its sections divided into bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, face cleansers, foot and hand care, makeup and perfumes, hair care and shower care. Ask the employee to help find anything, they are always very helpful.

1. Find out what you like best

Some people will do anything for a nice smelling bath bomb, but personally, I like to have a nice silky water and colour. When you’re first starting out and you’re not feelin02159g confident in cocktails, you’ll need to know what is more important to you. Some products will only give you smell, some only smell and bubbles, some have smell bubbles, and colour, some don’t have bubbles at all. Figure out what you’re looking for before you walk in and end up with this ————————–>

Sakura was my first Lush mistake. Such a lovely smell, but no colour. Which was what I was looking for. If you buy this one, mix it with a bubble bar and a melt, or maybe just a second bath bomb.

Remember that everything smells better in the water. If you find it too strong in stores , ask the girl to test it in water, or just consider that its softer in the bath.

IMG_20141127_1533472. They have special edition stock for the holidays

From Mothers day to Christmas, Lush has it. They stock special edition bath bombs every season and if you like something stock up because it won’t be back till next year. Whats more, if you get really deep into the lushie world, most likely you can trade them for rare stuff over instagram.

3. It’s blowing up

Lush has reached a typing point, and everyone is buying! If you’re hardcore, get notifications from your local Lush store over facebook about when they get their seasonal stock in and when they restock their shelves. You’ll want to get in as soon as possible before they run out.

4. Do you research before you buy

When you’re a beginner, and maybe a student like me, you won’t want to blow your money on stuff you’re not sure if you’ll like. Everyone has preferences for their Lush products and you can easily find out what products do over tuns of tutorials, or reviews online (like my blog.) We do the frivolous spending for you.

5. Don’t buy online until you’ve smelt the product in stores

I’ve guiltily, and without my boyfriend knowing, nearly purchased a bunch of Lush online without smelling the product. Thankfully I didn’t, because once I got in store I found that some products weren’t what I was looking for. I prefer natural smells over candy sweet smells, and nearly ended up with a whole cart full of it.

Sometimes you can’t help it, because theres a product from the Lush Kitchen and the little exclusive sticker is just laughing at you. Generally though, I would say the Lush Kitchen is always a win. I’ll let you know if my opinion on this changes.

6. Don’t use a whole bubble bar in one bath!!!

Please! Unless you’re intentionally trying to overflow your bathroom with bubbles or you don’t want any water in your bath, you can split them up into pieces. I’ve gotten four or five uses out of one bubble bar. It depends on their shape and how stingy you want to be with your bubbles. Most get three uses.

7. Double, triple check your expiry dates and then ASK the cashier if you aren’t sureIMG_20141117_221518

My biggest Lush regret was when I threw out a toner that I thought was expired. I don’t know why, or how. All I can say is that it was a rookie mistake. The cashier can tell you how long you should use the product after it’s been expired, and how long the products generally last. For example, toners last a year or so, face masks can last a couple weeks. You don’t want to be misreading and throwing away perfectly good products, or, on the other hand, using products that aren’t good anymore.

8. Cocktails

So much Fun! Try try try! and let me know what you do. To start you can do basic, bubble bar, bath bomb and bath melts. But mix it up, a little bit of two different bubble bars can be amazing!

If you’ve got any pro tips you want to give to Lush rookies, comment below!

Over and Out,


Check out my next post about the Exclusive Lush Kitchen! Next Thursday.

Tell me about your first time at Lush in the comments below.


19 thoughts on “Lush 101 – The 8 tips you need to know as a beginner

  1. My first time at Lush was a couple of years ago and it was a great experience 🙂 they were so nice and helpful. Most of my Lush purchasing happens online because I live so so sooo far from Lush, 5+ hours. I got the chance to go once and it was so nice, they let me sample some of their products, they showed me how certain products work in the water, they gave me great samples, it was just overall a good time! I am going to plan a trip out there again sometime soon, but for now I am continuing to purchase Lush online, I just placed an Easter order 🙂 can’t wait to get it. Thanks for posting this! Also, that is a great tip, to not use one full bubble bar in a bath. I have always been able to get 4 baths out of the 10 oz Comforter Bar, cutting it into 2.5 oz pieces. Thanks again!


  2. Really well-written and though-out post! ☺
    I had heard SO MUCH about Lush and their great range of products before I have even taken my first step into one of their stores (which might be due to the fact that it took some time until their stores also came to Germany). Hence, my expectations were quite high – I wasn’t disappointed, though! After overcoming the first shock caused by their price tags, I had a really nice shopping experience. All of the products that I’ve tried so far have totally lived up to my expectations and the staff in these stores is always so nice and helpful☺


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