The Lush Kitchen and Mother Superior review.

Dear Lushies,

I’vScreen Shot 2015-03-01 at 12.29.46 PMe discovered an incredible secret thanks to the world wide web. Lush UK has an exclusive kitchen which makes exclusive products in short supplie, exclusively for those who check out the exclusive website.
Find the exclusive website here:

Luckily, yours truly found a way around the exclusivIMG_20150219_180851ity! Thanks to a free VPN my computer TRICKED the Lush Kitchen into thinking I was British! (Or at least browsing from the UK). I’m not a 100% sure if this is necessary but the products were “unavailable” until I used the VPN.

If there are any Outlander fans reading this, you can appreciate how much I WISH I was actually in the UK.

So I managed to order the mothers day seasonal line, because mothers day is in March over there, and an exclusive bath bomb called Loverly.IMG_20150303_213158

Currently, I’m on a bit of a bath hiatus because I’m moving into a new place with an incredible bath tub and the bath in this place depresses me. However, I felt obliged to try something so I tried mother superior and here’s a review:

1. Smells amazing: orange blossom, jasmine and lemon.

2. Cream of tartar makes the water softer.

3. Very hard, I had to take a knife to her.

4. Turned the water blue at the surface.

My cocktail: Unicorn horn, mother superior, rose queen bath bomb.

This was my Lush Kitchen package. It includes an exclusive Luverly bath bomb, a secret garden bath bomb, a rose bombshell bomb and a mother superior bubble bar.

If you’re willing to pay the shipping for products you can’t be in Canada, I would give it a try. The VPN I used is called Hola and you can download it to Chrome Browser. Apparently there is a Kitchen Canada coming soon. So look out for that.

But guys! Be very careful, the exclusivity makes you want to buy everything! Things come back , don’t drive yourself into debt buying things because you think they’ll run out.

Good luck,

Over and Out,


Check out next weeks post, I’ll be discussing face masks next Sunday! Let me know what you think of the Lush Kitchen and what your favourite lush product is so far.


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