Lush and my Face – my Lush skin care routine – Part one

Dear Lushies,

We all have one, we all worry about it, we all live by the cycle of regiment, laziness, breakouts and then regiment again. I always try to wash my face once a day at least, if not twice.

Here are some benefits to washing your face:

1. It wakes you up in the morning in a refreshing way, that makes mornings slightly more bearable.

2. It cleans your face and reduces the likelihood of breakouts.

3. It makes your makeup look better

4. It’s a good antidepressant method because we all know, less acne means less depression.

But for goodness sakes! You all knew this. Every girl knows it, but it’s good to remind ourselves so that we stop being lazy and actually put soap to skin and clean off our darn makeup. My cousin lives by the mantra that sleeping with makeup on overnight will age you a year… it’s not logical, but we all have our methods of staying motivated.

Step 1. I’ve got an EXCELLENT TIP for you here: Makeup remover wipes are the easiest way to take off your makeup (especially after a long night of dancing or drinking. I get my boyfriend to just throw them at me while I lie in bed and then I try and get them in the garbage… thats what tomorrows are for)

Don’t worry, that isn’t the tip. The tip is… (drum role please) Don’t buy expensive makeup remover wipes, they are over priced for no darn reason! Buy baby wipes. They are so much cheaper and softer on the skin and they do the exact same job. I buy the big boxes of 1000 wipes for $20 and you’ve got makeup remover wipes for days. They are good for more then just that too, you can use them to get toothpaste off your shirt or to wipe the counter in your bathroom when you get toothpaste everywhere. Super useful!

So what step 1 really is, is to remove my makeup. I do this at the end of the day, and I start by wiping up my whole face with a baby wipe.

Step 2. back to Lush. Currently, I have Angels on Bare skin for cleanser. My thoughts on it are as followed: I do NOT like solid cleanser. It is such a pain in the butt! I bought it because the oatmeal keeps the skin moist during the winter months. On that end, it was fabulous, my skin has not been dried out at all.
However, to take out a “pea sized” portion and wet it, Have the juicy liquid fall through the cracks of your fingers, the seeds fall while you try to rub it evenly over your face, and then get pieces of oatmeal in your hair and eyebrows. It’s a pain in the butt! Such a pain in the butt! (This blog is G rated but you all know what I really mean.)

I will not be buying solid cleanser again. In fact, I don’t even get the point of it because it’s still in packaging, and the entire point of solid products is to reduce on packaging. I’m exited to be done with it so I can hand in the container and get a free face mask.

For those of you who didn’t know, if you keep five containers and bring them in to Lush to be recycled, you get a free face mask.

Step 3. Around twice a week I use a fresh face mask. So far I’ve tried three different ones. As seen below.


The BB seaweed really brightened up my face. I have redness issues and after using it I found my skin extremely soft and the tone was better all over. The almond is used as exfoliant, lavender to balance redness and the seaweed is moisturizing.

Cosmetic warrior is for extreme acne cases, my boyfriend bought it for himself and couldn’t stand the smell of garlic. I didn’t find it that bad. The garlic is antiseptic and it’s super great for people prone to acne. Although I didn’t find it that beneficial, besides generally cleaning my face.

Love lettuce is by far my favourite texture. It was the easiest to put on and extremely exfoliating. I love the colour, it makes me feel like I’m in princess diaries or something because green is always the colour of face masks. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t suggest it because the exfoliant can be really rough. My colour wasn’t changed but my skin was extra soft and you’ve got to love that. My skin is combination and I didn’t have oily spots or dry spots afterwards either.

A few tips on face masks:

1. I always use two fingers and apply all over, making sure to fill in wholes and keep a thick even layer over the whole face.

2. Once it’s dried I wet it with water and scrub it into the skin and then I remove it all with a face cloth.

3. If you have any questions about this, go to Lush and they’ll demonstrate how to use it properly.

I’m still experimenting and I’ll let you know how the other ones are. So far my favourite was the BB seaweed, but it all depends on your skin type. Make sure to ask the Lush employees what is best suited for you.

I’ll be continuing skin care routine next Thursday, so make sure to check back in to read on Toner and moisturizer tips.

Over and Out,


PS: Let me know what your favourite face mask is.


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