Lush and my Face – Part Two

Dear Lushies,

Here’s part two of my skin care routine. I just wanted to say quickly that I’m moving into a new place on Sunday, so if you’re a loyal instagram follower, I’m sorry I haven’t been very active. I have to pack everything, on top of my school work. Once I’m settled in the new place, there will be lots more Lush product reviews. So… away we go.

Step 3. Toner!! I love myself some toner. If I had a wet cleanser, which I will one day, I would sprits the toner on the cleanser and wipe it off with a cotton pad. Seeing as my cleanser is chunky and difficult, I can’t do that. I remove the cleanser with a face cloth, I like it nice IMG_20141117_221518and cold to refresh my face, although technically you could use a warm one to keep your pores open. I like to rub the cloth over my eyes to wake me up in the morning and get the excess makeup off my eyes at night. The cold reduces puffiness under the eyes too, plus, because Lush is all organic, you don’t have to worry about burning in your eyes, I’ve never had the problem.

Once my cleanser is all gone, I sprits the toner over my face directly and then rub a cotton pad over my face. Make sure to use a couple sprits because rubbing the cotton pad over dry skin can irritate it. I run over my eyes and brows again too to get any left over mascara and eyebrow pencil.

The toner I use is Rosa Water and I love it. It has lavender in it, you all know how I feel about lavender. It balances redness and it smells amazing. Rose and lavender is to die for. When I get out of a hot bath and I’ve been sweating, I sprits it and moisturize to refresh my face. What do you guys do?

02799Another option you can get at Lush is toner tabs. These are meant to melt in boiling water and to steam your face with. The tea tree oil one is great if you have a cold, or oily, spotty skin. Some people do it during their face masks to loosen it up. I haven’t tried them yet, the kitchen has a few specialty ones that I’m dying to try! I’ll let you guys know.

Step 5. Finally I dip my fingers into Imperialis, which is a great for combination skin. They also have Enzymion but it’s out of my price range at the DSC_0668moment. Enzymion has enzymes to balance your face’s PH level and reduce oiliness/dryness, whatever your problem is. When I’m working for Lush and  get paid the big bucks, I’ll let you guys know what I think of it.

For now though, I stick with Imperialis and I love it. It’s a brownish colour and it smells alright, I’m pretty indifferent to the smell. The texture is lovely though, and it soaks into the skin quickly and feels great. It doesn’t leave any stickiness or excess moisture.

The very last thing I do is to apply Celebrate hand cream on because my hands are getting awfully dry in this cold weather. I usually also apply EOS lip balm, DSC_0670although I wouldn’t necessarily suggest them, I just got a whole bunch for christmas and am working through them. The strawberry sherbet smells amazing, I’ve herd a lot of complaints about dry lips so if you have any sort of eczema or tendency to dry lips, don’t buy it (even though JLo wears it in her bootie video). I’ve herd that maybeline baby lip balms are great, and currently I have to many EOS’s to legitimize buying one.

I’m also looking into buying the Origins night face mask from Sephora. I hear they’re great, and I’m thinking of getting an electric face cleanser, I forget what they’re called, with the scrubbing head.

Anyhow, I hope you liked my skin care Lush review. Let me know what you use to wash your face.

Over and Out,


Check in next Sunday for the new shampoo bar review!

Next week will be the Easter collection, I’ve just bought almost all of it. I’ll be reviewing soon. Check out my instagram for videos and photo’s on the Easter products.


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