The shampoo and the conditioner

Hi Lushies,

I was a bit sceptical of solid, natural shampoos at first. I didn’t know if they would clean my hair well or if they would last. Sometimes I refuse to do things because they don’t stand for what I believe in. Unfortunately, I’ve never been a fan of vegan/vegetarianism and I felt like buying natural shampoo was turning to the dark side. That was until I became a lushie, now I’ll try anything if it smells good.


I bought lullaby solid shampoo bar, it’s brand new. It was great, pure lavender goodness and here’s why:

It lathered really easily, it smelt amazing, it cleaned my hair really well and it reduced the frizziness.

I also bought a tin, and I strongly suggest you let your bar dry out before putting it back in the lid, or the tin. The girl at the store told me to put it in the lid and it stuck to the lid and I lost at least one use from that alone. So let it sit on your shower rack, or whatever, until its all dry before putting it away. I did rinse out the tin though and poor the soapy water onto my head… because I don’t waist things!

DSC_0627I also used the jungle solid conditioner bar. This was slightly more disappointing. Although I go into all lush products with good faith, I found this was hard to apply. I have thick hair, and I need lots of conditioner. This bar is hard to lather on and it gets used very quickly. This picture is of one use; I think I can get maybe 10 uses out of it before its all gone. The smell is great though, and it lasts for days. My hair was significantly less frizzy after using it.

Next time I’ll be buying the copper shampoo bar and a liquid conditioner. The copper has henna in it, which supposedly reduces frizziness. I can’t wait to try that.

Whats your hair secret?

Over and out,


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One thought on “The shampoo and the conditioner

  1. Great review, I am the same, I was always skeptical about trying their shampoo and conditioner bars…I will have to give them a try! I have very fine and thin hair, hoping they have something to give it some volume or thickness.


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