Lush Easter Collection – My thoughts and feelings

Hi Lushies,

I love holidays that rely on chocolate and candy. It really demonstrates the power of marketing, because nearly every holiday involves buying things. I love chocolate too, but Lush Easter is, by far, the best Easter treat I could ask for. Maybe my boyfriend will make me a bath bomb egg hunt! When I’m rich, I’m going to make it happen.

So I bought a few things off the Easter line, and I have to say, they smell of Easter. I wonder how much research goes into deciding seasonal scents, because they’ve really got it down to a science. The easter collection has a lot of floral scents in them. For example, golden egg has gardinia and hoppity poppity has violet leaf … don’t ask me, I’m not sure what that is either.


The golden egg is really the prize of the easter collection, in my humble opinion. All though they are small, they are both a bomb and a melt combined, and they have SO much golden luster. I mean it was everywhere! For some reason, they didn’t wrap anything in my package so I ended up with packing peanuts covered in glitter… it’s sad to see so much glitter waisted. The scent is the same as Honey I washed the Kids, I popular soap. It’s described as Toffee-Honey. It includes olive oil, cream of tartar AND cocoa butter… that is going to be a smooth bath. I used it last night and the olive oil floated around the top of the bath and the cocoa butter left a thick layer on my skin. Needless to say, my skin is hella soft. The water wasn’t too sparkly, which was surprising, and the water turned yellowish gold.

A few downsides I felt for this product was that it wasn’t much of a bath bomb. It made the water very silky but I found it a bit boring. It melted slowly and it left barely any sparkle. I added Lush Pud because half way through I was bored with it. I suggest another product with this one.

DSC_4136Hoppity Poppity has a fresh scent of violet, lime and lavender. That will be an amazing mix with the unicorn horn! The white means no colour in the water, so maybe I’ll mix it with the rose bombshell bath bomb I got from the mothers day collection! Hoppity Poppity is also small and not extremely fragrant. From the demo’s I’ve seen online, it fixes quickly. It has baking soda in it, which is suppose to soften the skin. I’ll let you know about that.

Fluffy Egg is back again and has the same fragrance as snow fairy. I love the smell of this one! Although, I wasn’t super happy about the easter scents, this smells of cotton candy and I love it! It leaves the bath pink too, would probably mix well with rose jam bubbleroon. This egg has very few ingredients … like purely colour and scent, which means it won’t have any effect on the texture of your bath.DSC_4143


Finally, the bunch of carrots are super cute! They will pack so many baths! I’ll have them for ages. The smell is strong, lemony and something else they call Buchu oil. It is definitely original. It took me some time to get used to, but I think it will make a great bath. I used this and it took ages to disintegrate under the water. The smell fades quickly.  DSC_4150DSC_4148

I didn’t buy any soap, I didn’t like their smells and I have enough soap as it is. I hope you guys will forgive me. I’d be glad to hear your reviews on the soaps though. They look adorable. It took a long time to melt under the water, see my Instagram for a demo. The smell was really mild. Lush also has a new massage bar called Shades of Earl Grey … if I didn’t have 4 massage bars already, I’d be all over it.

Lastly, I bought something from the lush kitchen! There was great debate on instagram on wether it was worth the money, and I tell you right now, it was! Lush pud was around at christmas and I missed the christmas line! It smelt so good! So glad I have a christmas bath bomb again! That smell of cloves is to die for, it’s so warm and fuzzy. I put it in with my golden egg and bunch of carrots and it left a nice latte like fuzz at the surface. The smell was great. I haven’t decided which bubble bar to use yet but I bet a bath melt would do amazingly with this. PS: the holy on top is made of candy.

DSC_4152DSC_4153DSC_4155 DSC_4154

I’ll be posting demo’s on instagrams and more product reviews as I use them. Hope you enjoyed. Go get yourself some Lush Easter before it’s all gone.

Over and Out,


PS: check in next week for more product reivews


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