My 11 Lush Wishlist Items

Hi Lushies,

Firstly, I need to mention @20YS, Check out her blog Twenty York Street. She has top tips on Fashion and Beauty, and the latest Ottawa news. She’s graciously accepted me into her internship program to teach me the ins and outs of working in a PR office and expanding my blog.

Lucky me, I went to my very first bloggers event at the Ottawa Auto Show and got the latest on Fords newest line up. Since I like to blog about Lush, and I got great advice to stick to what I’m good, I’m not going to talk too much about it. But I have to say that the people at Ford are very nice, and their 2015 lineup is to die for. They are keeping with the times and upgrading their cars with all the bells and whistles. One new model even has massaging seats, they have a new fully electric car, heating windshield wipers and the kick sensor trunk.

It was an amazing experience and I feel so privileged to have been invited. I’ll be keeping all my lushies updated on my progress and maybe, one day, Lush will invite me to one of their events.

Since I’m in a dreamer mood, I’m going to share with you my Lush Wishlist.  These are things I haven’t bought and am dying to have:

1. Dragon Egg bath bomb: 03154

You might be asking yourself “WHY HAVEN’T YOU BOUGHT ONE YET??!!!” There’s a shortage of supplies in the Lush warehouse and my store has been out of stock… I honestly can’t believe it. It’s their most popular bath bomb , and I will probably be buying it with my next Kitchen purchase from the UK because Toronto has been disappointing me. This bomb is citrus sherbet scented and has colourful explosions on the inside.

2. Granny takes a Dip

I see those beautiful colours on Instagram all the time, and yet I still haven’t made this purchase.  Lemon and ginger scented, and leaves your bath looking like a party.

035753. Pheonix Rising

This is also missing at my local store! I’ve been dying to pick it up. This bath bomb sinks to the bottom and explodes with golden glimmer from the centre. I’ve also seen this on Instagram and it looks mesmerizing. I am very excited to try it. It’s citrus scented and also has a cinnamon stick in it. It includes cocoa butter and shea butter to make a nice moisturizing bath.

020554. Karma Bubble Bar

Scented just like their Karma perfume, this bubble bar should smell amazing. Although, I wouldn’t know because it’s also never in stock. The most popular stuff goes too fast! With cream of tartar, it should leave you with some nice smooth bubbles.

031445. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

I love all the sea salt products. I love to smell like the ocean. This shower scrub is an ultimate exfoliant and it is too expensive. “with a dash of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossoms for a light, blossom-scented wash and smoother skin.” Straight off

6. All the Shower Smooties

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 2.13.41 PM

I don’t need to explain myself! They all look so luxurious and they are all so expensive. The Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is what I plan to buy first, but lets face it … they all look incredible.

99999031397. Whoosh Shower Jellie

Citrus scented … my favourite. And it jiggles … need I say more.

02687_new8. Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze

Henna is meant to stick all your split ends back together and reduce frizziness. I want to be able to tell you all that it works.

030569. Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Because I need some lip exfoliant and it tastes like candy … These explanations feel totally unnecessary. I bet you all want these as much as I do.

999990236110. Lemon Flutter Cuticle butter

Mostly because it rhymes. But also because I love to give myself manicures and it smells of lemon.

999990215211. Volcano Foot mask

Who doesn’t want to cover their feet in a mask? It just seems awesome. This softens and reduces odours, not that I have any. It has papaya, tomato, potato and cinnamon leaf oil. Sounds like a funky salad.

So there you have it ladies and gentleman. These are the products I dream of using. What is your dream product?

Over and Out,



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