The Lush Invention: The Bath Bomb

Hi Lushies,

So I realized after my last post about massage bars that I hadn’t posted about the bath bombs origins. The bath bomb is what makes Lush, hence why I have one in my banner. If you hadn’t ever noticed that my banner has a bath bomb in it, I created the banner with this image:

That is Rose Queen bath bomb. The bath bomb was invented by Lush Cosmetics back when they were Cosmetics To Go. Unfortunately, the world was not prepared for such genius, and they went under and lost their patent on the bath bomb. “Not long after, […] LUSH was born!”

When they returned as Lush Cosmetics they had a new mission, to create organic, environmentally friendly, quality, indulgent products. They succeeded.

The bath bomb is created with citric acid and corn starch , which makes it fizz, and essential oils, which makes it smell nice. You can find a tun of DIY’s online to make Lush knock offs … but we all know that knock offs are never as good.

Lush adds a variety of other cool things to their bath bombs like water softeners, colour explosions, candy and smells that you probably won’t be able to recreate at home. Their bath bombs are all different and all have different goals. Some wake you up while others calm you down, the goal is to create a different experience each time. So here I will give you a few ideas to throw into your bath tub.

Feeling stressed:




These¬†including lavender and water softeners, you’ll be drifting off in the tub. Careful not to drown! Check out my Instagram for demo’s on both.

Feeling down?



These citrus scented bombs will have you cheered up in no time! You might even get up and dance.

Feeling like some afternoon delight?


These seducing scents will have you smelling fine for a close up with your loved one.

Feeling adventurous?



These psychedelic bombs will have you tripping. That is all.

What is your favourite bath bomb? Let me know!

Over and Out,



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