A none Lush post!

Dear Lushies,

I know its strange that I’m not talking about Lush today, but I had an amazing experience that I wanted to share with all of you. I’m currently studying public relations at Algonquin College in Ottawa, and I think that a lot of you will appreciate this post because I’ll be going into detail about the field and what I’ve been doing. Blogging is, in itself, an aspect of public relations and I know many bloggers might be interested to know how they can make a thriving career out of what they are doing.

11062805_624568957677514_6890745297432270371_nOur class has been working on a campaign to raise funds for The John Howard Society of Canada. They’re an organization that helps to rehabilitate convicts so that they don’t reoffend and we can all live in a safer community.

Our campaign is called Let’s Unlock Change and you can read all about the events we’ve been hosting our our website . We have two amazing students responsible for media relations and they’ve gotten us some great coverage with the Ottawa media:

We were on CTV Morning Live

In the Metro News <— This one mentions my event

In the Ottawa Citizen 

In the Stittsville Central 

 the Rick Mercer Report

and an interview on CFRA Radio News

I was responsible for planning an 80s themed night and it happened last Friday. I learned so much from planning this event and I wanted to share a bit of that with you.IMG_2094

Public relations is such a fun field. Technically, a public relations professional stands between the media and a client, or company. They create communications plans, which are similar to advertisement campaigns but incorporate other tactics like earned media coverage and social media. Another challenging aspect of the job is crisis management, which is helping keep your companies reputation during a crisis.

IMG_2100Let me break it down for you: If you have a public relations firm with a new client, your job is to identify their brand (i.e. who they are and what they represent) and communicate it to the public in a variety of methods. This variety of methods is where creativity comes into play. You use your PR tool box to use the best ways to communicate your clients message effectively, and PR is always coming up with new an interesting ways to achieve their goals. Moreover, it is a fast passed and budding field with many jobs available. You might not even know it, but a PR person is responsible for sending out items from their company to get earned media coverage on your blog. PR is not just about sales though, it’s alsoIMG_2120 about message. Often times a companies goal is to make the public understand something about their product. You can check out my very first blog post about Lush and what makes them awesome. They are excellent about pushing out their message, and it helps them to get recognition and credibility.

So event planning is a tool in my PR tool box. We started by learning how to pitch a charity. This taught us how to identify our companies brand, create key IMG_2129messages and communicate it to an audience. Next, once our class had picked a favourite charity, we learned how to work as a group to create an attractive event, iron out the details, find sponsors and donations, promote our event and get people to come out. We even had a press conference with the Algonquin news paper called the Algonquin Times.

IMG_2138I have to tell you, ladies and gentleman, that it was SUCH a fun experience. Although, at times I was pulling my hair out, gritting my teeth, faking a smile and pushing through, it was all worth it to see the final product. Our baby which we’d worked together to create from scratch was actually so much FUN! I give credit to all my team mates who brought something special of their own to it, and our volunteers who worked so hard to make the night go smoothly.


We had a live band that played 80s covers, an incredibly intricate cake, a photo booth with cool props, slinkies hanging from the ceiling, and a silent auction and raffle with a trip to Quebec City up for auction.  Find me above with 80s hair!

IMG_2194I have learned so much in this program and am so exited for the career I have ahead of me. I hope that this inspires some of you to look into it. It is great for people who are creative, but not artistic, and who love a challenge and continuous opportunity for growth.

Make sure to check out the website for our campaign , and if you’re in the Ottawa area check out an event for a great cause.



Over and Out,



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