My Lush Hair Care Review

Dear Lushies,

I’ve already done a Lush conditioner and shampoo review. Find it here. But today I’ve got some sorry news to say.

In the picture below you can see my solid shampoo bar Lullaby and the solid conditioner, Jungle. I bought them on the same day !IMG_20150416_245302499I have very thick hair and the solid shampoo does wonders, it lathers quickly and cleans very well. The Jungle however, did NOT want to lather. It took me ages to condition my hair, to the point where I would opt to not condition at all. Even if I managed to get any on my hair, it took soooo much of it to soften my hair. I though I’d give a liquid conditioner a try and see what the difference was. Below find American Cream, the latest addition to my shower routine.


American cream smells delicious. It left my hair feeling soft and smelt great for days, once it dried. It even reduced frizziness significantly. However, Lush shampoos do not give you that glossy feeling when you put them in. If you have heavy thick hair like mine, you’ll have to use a lot of it to feel a difference in your hair. IMG_20150416_245129346So when buying Lush shampoo, don’t get the solid one. And if you buy liquid, don’t expect the same silkiness and detangling you get from your regular shampoos.

Tip: Brush out your hair before you get in the shower.

Over and Out,



What are your thoughts?

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