3 Simples Ways to Make the Most out of Lush Cosmetics

Hi Lushies,

I’ve been so busy lately and I haven’t had much money to spend on Lush. But my boyfriend used up all of my Angels on Bare Skin and I needed a new cleanser. He introduced me to this first tip.

1. Keep your Lush in your shower.

It’ll get used way more if it’s easily at your disposal. I bought one of those sponge holders for your kitchen sink from the dollar store and it holds my solid shampoo and my Hot Toddy soap. The shampoo bars get stuck to their tins so this works much better. I also keep my new face scrub in my shower and its so nice to wash with in the morning. Once I get out I have a reason to use my toner and moisturizer and this helps me keep up on my face care routine.

2. Don’t hide your bombs away

I started keeping all of my bath bombs and bubble bars in a pretty open box in my bathroom. Not only does it look pretty but my bathroom always smells of Lush, which I love. No need for expensive air fresheners anymore.

3. Get a sieve

I use a sieve for my bubble bars. Instead of breaking them up under the water and inevitably having pieces fall between your fingers, a sieve easily holds the bubble bar and creates as much bubbles as possible. This way you can use less at a time and mix bubble bars together more easily.

Have you got any tips? Let me know in the comments below.

Over and Out,



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